Deun Jo Diary: The world's best online banks

Sunday, October 20, 2013

The world's best online banks

Online banking is a must in the busy world , where speed, comfort and safety are of paramount importance when it comes to banking .

Online or virtual Banks

An online bank, evil called virtual bank , is a bank that has no customer offices outside their headquarters , but operates throughout the world , this is possible thanks to the versatilities of the world wide web ( www ) , since customers can access all of the bank's products and services from an Internet portal as well as open and close bank accounts by mail with minimal documentation .

Online banking is one of the best tools, but traditional banks do not exploit the advantages it offers , when international operations are concerned. And it is in this field that online banks offer great benefits .

For small and medium international transfers are different parallel alternative to banks that make use of credit and debit cards , reducing the commissions own bank , however when transferring amounts are high, the downloads are the only option available.

Traditional banks usually do not include this service in their websites , requiring the physical presence of the holder of the account to debit .
tax Havens

While it is true that online banks work very well for international operations is not their only purpose , other benefits , and perhaps more importantly, the headquarters may be located anywhere in the world , allowing you to choose the countries where laws give greater flexibility , such as tax havens .

Tax havens are countries or territories where the main tax payment is low or nil in financial matters. There are many banks that exploit these advantages , and also many stories of scams surrounding this field , because we must be very careful when choosing a bank, to study in detail its history and what the organization behind the same .

Because of its history , robustness and security the best banks in the world are derived from traditional financial groups such as Uno-e , which belongs to BBVA iBanesto and Openbank the Santander Group and ING Direct ING Group.

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