Deun Jo Diary: The best coin counting machines

Sunday, October 20, 2013

The best coin counting machines

The coin counting machines are almost essential tool for businesses with a large cash handling . A coin counter can avoid complicated situations, eliminating a lot of hours of work and ensures the reliability of the cash and cash handling .

The coin counter CS -600

Among the many possibilities offered by the market , we highly recommend this sorter and coin counter .

This model Coins Counter interesting by its high counting rate , high accuracy and ease of use , without requiring any special qualifications of the worker who operate it.

For these qualities , and for its price , mid-level in the market but with an excellent relationship with its quality, this counter can be ideal for both large companies and medium-sized businesses , such as supermarkets , or operators of gaming machines or vending .

Among the options offered by your control panel , note the choice between continuous counts or preset batch counting , so that after we have packaged unitary coins each of these lots.

It also has an automatic device for unlocking and can be configured to discard coins below a specific diameter , which helps detect counterfeit coins or coins classify more accurately.

Your seven-digit display will hardly overcome capacity.
Other features that we monitor

When purchasing a coin counter machine , there are a number of features that should meet face to be able to choose the model that best suits our needs :

    Counting speed : it is very important as it will determine the total time will consume us have a certain amount of coins. From 500 units per minute is fine, but there are models that reach 800 .

    Charger capacity : the capacity of the charger will determine the amount of coins you can put each time and the time, so that we can have it working on their own until the operator has to put more coins. A charger is too small can result in a tedious job.

    Counting modes : It is very interesting that in addition to simply counting continuous or batch can have groups , so that these lots can then lead directly to the bank.

    Dimensions and weight: Because we also want the machine to be manageable , especially if we take it to locations distant from their own office.

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