Deun Jo Diary: Mortgages Banco Popular : offer and conditions

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Mortgages Banco Popular : offer and conditions

The purchase of real estate (housing ) is a time of important decision -making , because once you have obtained housing that meets the expectations and possibilities of each person , begins the task of negotiating with the banks mortgage , which in itself , is rather cumbersome . The popular bank offer these mortgages , which we discussed in order to provide information that can help decide on a good choice.


Mortgage A contract is formed by public and is a security interest that is made for ensuring compliance with a particular obligation , taking the garatía in this case real estate.

In Spain there is no legal definition for this term , for the most part is contained in a special law named Mortgage Act .

The People's Bank is a well known financial institution in Spain and offer a mortgage with the following benefits and conditions.
Supply and mortgage conditions Banco Popular

There are tools available to help calculate the cost of a mortgage, mortgage information on popular bank also is available on page Bancopopular.es for details.

Premium Mortgage Bank, features.

    It takes into account the Euribor +0.69
    Applicable rate : 1.25 %.
    Maximum payment period : 30 years .
    Covers up to 80 % of appraised value .
    You have no arrangement fee .
    Is reviewed annually.
    Minimum amount of 30,000 euros.

Conditions :

    It should debit the payroll .
    Hiring a credit repayment insurance
    Hiring a home insurance.
    Only for first time home purchase .

Mortgage Aliseda another attractive product .

- Interest: According to the 1-year Euribor + 0.25 % ( for 12 months) the rest is paid to + 0.50 %.

    Destination : Only for first home purchase .

Terms of the mortgage :

    Maximum Financing : 100 % of the purchase - sale and 100% of the appraised value .
    Exclusive Mortgage bank properties only .
    Minimum age to hire or conditions: 18 years
    Maximum age at the end of the mortgage : 75 years
    Maximum payment period : 40 years
    Minimum payment period : 3 years

Other requirements:

    The conditions are for buying property announced by the bank only .

    Funding covers up to 100 % of the related expenses ( taxes, notary , agency and record ) are not included .

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