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Friday, October 18, 2013

Credit institutions : recommendations

Internet and newspapers are full of ads for establishments that offer loans in 48 hours or immediate credits , regardless ( so they say) be on a list of Equifax , Asnef or other unpaid debts to register or more popularly called , list of defaulters . Many financial Spain , dedicate their activity to solve problems with this type of instant loans .

delinquency comparative

The aggregate arrears ( all that debt incurred by individuals and businesses with all types of financial institutions ) , is expected to rise above 6.5 % , which probably Asnef files and other payment will rise more entities financial credit .

Delinquency and private business

Delinquencies particularly comes to be 25% , while the business is the highest 75 % . The record low is situate in October 62 with only a rate of 0.26 %, while it gives the record high February 94, reaching a value of 9.15% due to the recession of two years ( 1992-1994 ) suffered by our country , produced two months before the intervention of the Bank of Spain on Banesto.
The credit for the more and less delinquent

The year 2011 will place the default of banks operating in Spain over his last record in 1996 , but the truth is that one can be considered delinquent must one installment , forming part of the list of defaulters of financial institutions.

The communities into debt

Madrid and its community is more autonomy alquilares concept borrows , € 16.266 ( until December 2010) , which lists Asnef or Equifax Madrid, should be more than crowded defaults. The second place is occupied by the Balearic Community .

The grounds are very extensive and the concepts by default , which causes the private financial credit , take advantage of this crisis to launch their offerings and attract well to this type of delinquent customers .
Recommendations on credit institutions

But in this crisis sparing neither regional governments , becoming delinquent on its creditors (large companies , SMEs and self-employed ) and this Act was passed though Delinquency , which forced exceptions to these payment within of 30-60 days.

Access to different offers

The first thing you will do an entity of this type is to access the Asnef ( or other ) through Asnef.com and check your list. The financial Asnef have your best ally, but also can solve your problem .

Credit 10 , Finconsum ( efc sa) , Volkswagen Finance SA and Lico Leasing, etc. , are entities like many others that can provide a financial study by the most appropriate solution for consumer credit or debt consolidation .

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