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Sunday, October 20, 2013

The best coin counting machines

The coin counting machines are almost essential tool for businesses with a large cash handling . A coin counter can avoid complicated situations, eliminating a lot of hours of work and ensures the reliability of the cash and cash handling .

The coin counter CS -600

Among the many possibilities offered by the market , we highly recommend this sorter and coin counter .

This model Coins Counter interesting by its high counting rate , high accuracy and ease of use , without requiring any special qualifications of the worker who operate it.

For these qualities , and for its price , mid-level in the market but with an excellent relationship with its quality, this counter can be ideal for both large companies and medium-sized businesses , such as supermarkets , or operators of gaming machines or vending .

Among the options offered by your control panel , note the choice between continuous counts or preset batch counting , so that after we have packaged unitary coins each of these lots.

It also has an automatic device for unlocking and can be configured to discard coins below a specific diameter , which helps detect counterfeit coins or coins classify more accurately.

Your seven-digit display will hardly overcome capacity.
Other features that we monitor

When purchasing a coin counter machine , there are a number of features that should meet face to be able to choose the model that best suits our needs :

    Counting speed : it is very important as it will determine the total time will consume us have a certain amount of coins. From 500 units per minute is fine, but there are models that reach 800 .

    Charger capacity : the capacity of the charger will determine the amount of coins you can put each time and the time, so that we can have it working on their own until the operator has to put more coins. A charger is too small can result in a tedious job.

    Counting modes : It is very interesting that in addition to simply counting continuous or batch can have groups , so that these lots can then lead directly to the bank.

    Dimensions and weight: Because we also want the machine to be manageable , especially if we take it to locations distant from their own office.

How I can buy shares of Banco Popular?

Buying shares is to be part of a company is a part of it being what is called a shareholder , taking part of it in this case would be the People's Bank will indicate how you can do and many things you did not know .

Shares , shareholders and more.

Large companies are formed with little besides working capital they need and provide.

The equity share capital of a company or divided into small portions which are called shares.

In a company that can issue millions of shares is much smaller than the actual value , which has an original well was purchased , you as a shareholder may sell or hold partial or total.

Stocks are volatile and changing the very short term value either shares or convertible bonds. The reason for buying stocks is to seek benefit by purchasing them and wait for it to rise in value for resale or expect it to generate income in the form of dividends , as well as the taxation of the shares and tax relief you declare when .

Investment in exchange through Internet has grown substantially in Spain , which has made ​​possible the emergence of a crucial figure in the process of buying and selling shares through the Internet: online broker , firm , company or independent professional providing this service for sale , as well as trading advice .
Purchase of shares in Banco Popular.

If you want to buy bank shares , which have very easy just get close to any office since virtually all have that possibility in Spain nearly 100 financial institutions offer these services, but about fifteen account for more than 50 % of turnover.

In fact, almost all financial institutions , banks and savings banks have specific Internet divisions , allowing operation in Exchange as popular bank bag that are in Bancopopular - e.com .

You can access this bank bag P. to operate with the issue of shares or bonds, buy, sell etc. . from this site only to registered clients to operate , this is done from the same bank by a previous contract so you can operate with a card that you provide or digital certificate that would have to be installed prior authorization from the Bank.

    How I can buy shares of Banco Popular?

The world's best online banks

Online banking is a must in the busy world , where speed, comfort and safety are of paramount importance when it comes to banking .

Online or virtual Banks

An online bank, evil called virtual bank , is a bank that has no customer offices outside their headquarters , but operates throughout the world , this is possible thanks to the versatilities of the world wide web ( www ) , since customers can access all of the bank's products and services from an Internet portal as well as open and close bank accounts by mail with minimal documentation .

Online banking is one of the best tools, but traditional banks do not exploit the advantages it offers , when international operations are concerned. And it is in this field that online banks offer great benefits .

For small and medium international transfers are different parallel alternative to banks that make use of credit and debit cards , reducing the commissions own bank , however when transferring amounts are high, the downloads are the only option available.

Traditional banks usually do not include this service in their websites , requiring the physical presence of the holder of the account to debit .
tax Havens

While it is true that online banks work very well for international operations is not their only purpose , other benefits , and perhaps more importantly, the headquarters may be located anywhere in the world , allowing you to choose the countries where laws give greater flexibility , such as tax havens .

Tax havens are countries or territories where the main tax payment is low or nil in financial matters. There are many banks that exploit these advantages , and also many stories of scams surrounding this field , because we must be very careful when choosing a bank, to study in detail its history and what the organization behind the same .

Because of its history , robustness and security the best banks in the world are derived from traditional financial groups such as Uno-e , which belongs to BBVA iBanesto and Openbank the Santander Group and ING Direct ING Group.

Mortgages Banco Popular : offer and conditions

The purchase of real estate (housing ) is a time of important decision -making , because once you have obtained housing that meets the expectations and possibilities of each person , begins the task of negotiating with the banks mortgage , which in itself , is rather cumbersome . The popular bank offer these mortgages , which we discussed in order to provide information that can help decide on a good choice.


Mortgage A contract is formed by public and is a security interest that is made for ensuring compliance with a particular obligation , taking the garatía in this case real estate.

In Spain there is no legal definition for this term , for the most part is contained in a special law named Mortgage Act .

The People's Bank is a well known financial institution in Spain and offer a mortgage with the following benefits and conditions.
Supply and mortgage conditions Banco Popular

There are tools available to help calculate the cost of a mortgage, mortgage information on popular bank also is available on page Bancopopular.es for details.

Premium Mortgage Bank, features.

    It takes into account the Euribor +0.69
    Applicable rate : 1.25 %.
    Maximum payment period : 30 years .
    Covers up to 80 % of appraised value .
    You have no arrangement fee .
    Is reviewed annually.
    Minimum amount of 30,000 euros.

Conditions :

    It should debit the payroll .
    Hiring a credit repayment insurance
    Hiring a home insurance.
    Only for first time home purchase .

Mortgage Aliseda another attractive product .

- Interest: According to the 1-year Euribor + 0.25 % ( for 12 months) the rest is paid to + 0.50 %.

    Destination : Only for first home purchase .

Terms of the mortgage :

    Maximum Financing : 100 % of the purchase - sale and 100% of the appraised value .
    Exclusive Mortgage bank properties only .
    Minimum age to hire or conditions: 18 years
    Maximum age at the end of the mortgage : 75 years
    Maximum payment period : 40 years
    Minimum payment period : 3 years

Other requirements:

    The conditions are for buying property announced by the bank only .

    Funding covers up to 100 % of the related expenses ( taxes, notary , agency and record ) are not included .

Friday, October 18, 2013

Credit institutions : recommendations

Internet and newspapers are full of ads for establishments that offer loans in 48 hours or immediate credits , regardless ( so they say) be on a list of Equifax , Asnef or other unpaid debts to register or more popularly called , list of defaulters . Many financial Spain , dedicate their activity to solve problems with this type of instant loans .

delinquency comparative

The aggregate arrears ( all that debt incurred by individuals and businesses with all types of financial institutions ) , is expected to rise above 6.5 % , which probably Asnef files and other payment will rise more entities financial credit .

Delinquency and private business

Delinquencies particularly comes to be 25% , while the business is the highest 75 % . The record low is situate in October 62 with only a rate of 0.26 %, while it gives the record high February 94, reaching a value of 9.15% due to the recession of two years ( 1992-1994 ) suffered by our country , produced two months before the intervention of the Bank of Spain on Banesto.
The credit for the more and less delinquent

The year 2011 will place the default of banks operating in Spain over his last record in 1996 , but the truth is that one can be considered delinquent must one installment , forming part of the list of defaulters of financial institutions.

The communities into debt

Madrid and its community is more autonomy alquilares concept borrows , € 16.266 ( until December 2010) , which lists Asnef or Equifax Madrid, should be more than crowded defaults. The second place is occupied by the Balearic Community .

The grounds are very extensive and the concepts by default , which causes the private financial credit , take advantage of this crisis to launch their offerings and attract well to this type of delinquent customers .
Recommendations on credit institutions

But in this crisis sparing neither regional governments , becoming delinquent on its creditors (large companies , SMEs and self-employed ) and this Act was passed though Delinquency , which forced exceptions to these payment within of 30-60 days.

Access to different offers

The first thing you will do an entity of this type is to access the Asnef ( or other ) through Asnef.com and check your list. The financial Asnef have your best ally, but also can solve your problem .

Credit 10 , Finconsum ( efc sa) , Volkswagen Finance SA and Lico Leasing, etc. , are entities like many others that can provide a financial study by the most appropriate solution for consumer credit or debt consolidation .